ARC Metrologia Ltd was established 2004 and is successor of over 20 years of tradition in the field of the quality control and metrological assurance in the machine building industry. We work with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence and other leading world manufacturers. Our activities can be summarized as follows:

Consultancy for the choice of the right measuring equipment

Delivery of measuring equipment




Warranty and after warranty service

Software support

Our goal is to provide our customers with the full package of services from the choice of the right equipment to the after warranty service and thus to establish long term partnerships.

Catalogue Affri - Italy


Catalogue Borletti


Catalogue for measurement instruments TESA 2016

* You can download the catalogue directly from TESA.

* You can find the catalogue here


Catalogue for measurement instruments Standard Gage 2012


Catalogue Renishaw

Catalogue Scala - Germany

Catalogue DK - Germany

Renishaw Microrep TESA Hexagon Metrology Affri LTF DK